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Abbie Gardner Cabin

Abbie and her family arrived in Arnolds Park July 16, 1856. Abbie and her family found a beautiful spot on the south side of West Lake Okoboji to pitch their temporary tents prior to building their log home near by.

On March 8, a group of Native Americans from Inkpaduta’s Wahpekuti band came in to share breakfast — 14 in all, Abbie Gardner recalled. They requested food, ammunition and other provisions from the Gardners. About 3pm, Abbie remembered hearing gunshots from what sounded like the neighboring cabin of James Mattock and his family. Soon after, the band of Native Americans returned to the Gardner cabin and asked for flour, shooting Rowland Sr. as he went to get it. Mrs. Luce and Mrs. Gardner tried to get the gun but were killed in the process. Abbie was sitting with the three other children and her younger brother, niece and nephew who were taken from her and killed outside. Abbie was taken captive.

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